Campaigns and Advocacy

  • Strengthening local struggles: The support of people’s movements and community-based initiatives for justice and sustainability is central to TWC’s strategy for advancing the GCM and reinforcing the concept of global citizenry. Toward this end, TWC staff continuously track and map non-violent struggles across the world, looking to build relationships and codevise strategies for supporting those movements – e.g., assisting in raising resources, coordinating global support, and amplifying the voices of local activists – while taking care not to impose any external conditions.
  • Joining global campaigns: At the global scale, TWC actively participates in allied campaigns that resonate with TWC objectives, a critical aspect of advancing a GCM. TWC acts as a partner in such initiatives, taking a lead role in advancing a GCM and GT vision.
  • Initiating advocacy campaigns: In addition, TWC from time-to-time initiates campaigns of its own. Such campaigns are carefully selected for impact and feasibility, and designed to be non-competitive with other initiatives, mindful of the need to build cooperation and mutual respect with all like-minded groups.