Outreach and Communications

  • Database and listserv: An evolving contact list of organizations and individuals for potential collaboration and membership is placed in a database, with a mapping process providing the required information. This expanding database is a powerful outreach listserv.
  • Information pack: Information material in print and CD form is creatively designed to engage target audiences worldwide on core concepts: Great Transition, global citizenship, and movements for change. The information pack is translated into multiple languages for broad regional access. Short videos and interviews are placed on YouTube.
  • Interactive website: An informative, creative, and interactive website will engage circles and collaborators in regular dialogues in a co-learning process on global vision and strategy. The website will have modern social communication tools and features required for managing a complex campaign. This platform will open joint undertakings of various kinds across cultures and places.
  • News and media service: A TWC news service, reporting through various social and conventional media, widely publicizes issues and activities. Information is sourced from TWC Circles. Media releases and articles by invited opinion makers spread the message.
  • Events: Side events and workshops are organized at larger conferences organized by the United Nations or other international organizations to make the presence of TWC felt and to attract potential members. TWC campaigns and projects design special events to promote awareness and build public support.