Programs and Projects

  • Circle support: TWC provides tools to assist Issue Circles and Regional Circles to convene and collaborate. This includes providing a workshop to attract, inform and align new members, and provoke discussion on the emerging movement for change. In addition, conceptual and learning material available on the website is designed to make critical connections, foster learning, share best practices, and support collaboration among circles.
  • Annual conference and general assembly: An annual TWC conference is a key public relations activity to showcase progress, widen the circle, and revise strategies. Coupling the conference with a larger global event provides a core audience, defrays participant costs, and ensures media presence. The theme of each conference reflects the focus for the coming year’s activities, engaging respected leaders in that specific area of concern. A TWC General Assembly (GA) is held on the final day of the conference. The GA convenes the CoR for the purposes of setting the action plan for the coming year, and identifying new members for the CoR and CC, and other policy or personnel questions the assembly elects to consider.
  • On-line journal: TWC uses on-line publishing both as a source of information and forum for the GCM. The journal targets both intellectual and activist readerships with evolving ideas on the GT vision and pathway, providing a context for dialog and debate. With English the editorial language, the aim is to translate issues into major languages. A project team provides editorial and design capacity.