Current Members of the Circle of Representatives

Tariq Banuri

Tariq Banuri previously directed SEI-Asia in Bangkok, one of the four centers of the Stockholm Environment Institute, and was the Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations.

Kiran Chhokar

Kiran Chhokar (Center for Environment Education) is Programme Director of Higher Education at Center for Environment Education, and editor of the international, peer-reviewed Journal of Education for Sustainable Development.

pic of Rick

Rick Clugston (Earth Charter US) is the Executive Director of Earth Charter US.

Felix Dodds

Felix Dodds (Stakeholder Forum) is Executive Director of the Stakeholder Forum working to advance sustainable development and promote democracy at a global level.

Candido Grzybowski

Candido Grzybowski (IBASE) is Director of the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis (IBASE) and a member of the Brazilian committee that launched the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in 2001.


Ashish Kothari (www.­kalpavriksh.­org) is Founder-member of Indian environmental group Kalpavriksh, and has coordinated India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan process, has served on Greenpeace International’s Board, and is currently chair of Greenpeace India. Ashish is the author or editor (singly or jointly with others) of over 30 books.

pic of Orion

Orion Kriegman (Great Transition Initiative) is Coordinator of the Great Transition Initiative.

pic of Rasigan

Rasigan Maharajh (Tshwane University of Technology) is Chief Director of the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) based at the Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

pic of Gustavo

Gustavo Marin (Forum for a new World Governance) is a founding member of the International Council of the World Social Forum and Director of the Forum for a new World Governance (FnWG).

Michael Naberhaus

Michael Narberhaus is currently leading the Smart CSOs Initiative, a global partnership between civil society leaders, funders and researchers aiming to build effective civil society strategies for the Great Transition.

Bob Paehlke

Robert Paehlke is a founding editor of the journal Alternatives: Perspectives on Society and Environment and is the author of Democracy's Dilemma: Environment, Social Equity and the Global Economy (MIT Press). He is presently writing on climate change and global citizenship.

pic of Paul

Paul Raskin (Tellus Institute, Great Transition Initiative) is the President and co-founder of the Tellus Institute, and founder of the Global Scenario Group and Great Transition Initiative.


Leida Rijnhout ( is the executive director of ANPED (Northern Alliance for Sustainability), an international network on sustainable development that is integrating the so-called “strong sustainability” approach in its activities on the different policy levels (UN, OECD, EC) since 2009. Her current activities relate to the themes of ecological economics, sustainable economy, sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and resource justice.

pic of Nancy

Nancy Roof (Kosmos Journal) is Founding Director of Kosmos Associates Inc. and Founding Editor of Kosmos: The Journal for Global Citizens Creating the New Civilization.

Prof. Veena Sikri ( is Convener of the South Asia Women’s Network (SWAN) which brings together eight individual networks, respectively on Arts and Literature; Women in Peacemaking; Health, Nutrition, and Food Security; Education; Crafts and Textiles; Livelihood Development and Entrepreneurship; Environment; and Women in Media. She is Professor - Ford Foundation endowed Chair (Bangladesh Studies Programme) at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India. She also is a Vice Chairperson, India Chapter of the South Asia Foundation (SAF), a secular, non-profit, non-political organisation founded in 2000.

pic of Jon

Jon Symes (Pachamama Alliance, Awakening the Dreamer) is Program Director for Awakening the Dreamer and author of "Your Planet Needs You".