Action Campaign

The Widening Circle organizes at global, regional, and local levels to enlarge and strengthen the global citizens movement.

Core Principles. There can be no rigid blueprints for achieving TWC's bold and open-ended purpose.  Like the Global Citizens Movement itself, TWC will need to adapt to changing conditions as it evolves and grows. TWC will face the perennial challenge of balancing coherence and pluralism, avoiding the polar pitfalls of rigidity and disorder. To navigate between these, its internal culture should be rooted in a politics of trust, tolerating proximate differences in order to nurture the ultimate basis for solidarity. This means understanding and embracing diverse approaches and perspectives that share TWC’s principles and purpose.

TWC’s internal processes will honor the democratic principles of inclusiveness, transparency, and subsidiarity, as it organizes circles at regional, national, and local levels, mirroring the multiple scales of our interdependent world. Philosophical framework, internal culture, terms of engagement, and action program would be refined iteratively as new circles take ownership, always true to TWC’s commitment to the following principles:

  • Nonviolence
  • Democratic global governance
  • Social justice
  • Environmental sustainability

Within this framework of principles, TWC will always have a two-prong focus: conducting its program and building the next circle, pausing from time-to-time to evaluate, assess, and adjust.

TWC is a campaign to awaken individuals and organizations to the challenges and opportunities of this planetary phase of our social evolution. TWC provides resources and tools to support organized circles as they work for the adoption of those worldviews, values, policies, and practices necessary to make the Great Transition.